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Current SSP/SSTS Congress    Current SSC/SSCS Congress

SSC/SSCS – SSP/SSTS Joint Annual Meeting Davos 2020

Joint Annual Meeting Davos 2020

3 – 5 June 2020, Davos Congress

List of Exhibitors

A huge thank you to all our sponsors who are generously contributing to the conference and all associations involved in this difficult time of the cancellation due to COVID-19. 

A. Menarini AG | A31
Abbott Medical (Schweiz) AG | Piazza P02
ABIOMED Europe GmbH | E05
Alnylam Switzerland | E13
Amgen Switzerland | A22
Anandic Medical Systems AG | A30
AstraZeneca AG | C16
Axon Lab AG | D02
B. Braun Medical AG | Piazza P01
Bayer (Schweiz) AG | C01 & C03
Biotronik (Schweiz) AG | Piazza P09
Bodenwinkler MedTec GmbH | A27
Boehringer Ingelheim (Schweiz) GmbH | B01
Boston Scientific AG | Piazza P06
Broncus Medical Inc. | E09
Canon Medical Systems AG/SA | A25
close2real GmbH | B05
Cordis, a Cardinal Health Company | A09 & Piazza P11
Custo med suisse GmbH | B04
CytoSorbents Switzerland GmbH | Piazza P04
Daiichi Sankyo (Schweiz) AG | Piazza P08
Edwards Lifesciences SA | Piazza P10
Erbe Swiss AG | A23
Evismo AG | D26

Fenik | E15
Fisher & Paykel Healtcare GmbH | A05

Fumedica AG | D11
GE Medical Systems (Schweiz) AG | A30
GlaxoSmithKline AG | C14
IBSA Institut Biochimique SA | A33
Inspire Medical Systems, Inc. | E14
Janssen-Cilag AG | D22
Johnson & Johnson AG | Piazza P03
Laubscher & Co. AG | B14
Lemon Medical | E08
Löwenstein Medical AG | D17
Lungenliga Schweiz | A01
Luzerner Höhenklinik Montana | A42
MCM Medsys AG | E01
Medela AG | A08
medi-lan Schweiz ag | A51
Medtronic (Schweiz) AG | D15
Mepha Pharma AG | Teva Pharma AG | A10
MicroPort CRM Sarl | B12
MSD Merck Sharp & Dohme AG | D04
Mussler Medical Supply SA | A11
MySmartHeart AG | B11
Novartis Pharma Schweiz AG | C10
Nova Biomedical | E17
nSpire Health GmbH | D24
Olympus Schweiz AG | B07
OM Pharma Switzerland | A49
Oscimed SA | D13
PanGas AG | A14
Pfizer AG | C05 & C15
Philips AG | C09
Physicor | E03
Pulmonx International Sarl | D10
Quidel Ireland Limited | A21
Recordati AG | A40
ResMed Schweiz GmbH | C12 & D01
Roche Pharma (Schweiz) AG | C02
Sanofi-Aventis (Schweiz) AG | A28 & A41
Schiller-Reomed AG | D10
Schnell Medical AG | D23
Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Kardiologie | A04
Schweizerische Herzstiftung | A03
Servier (Suisse) S.A. | A26
SIS Medical AG | Piazza P05
Sleep & Health | C07
SMT Germany GmbH | E11
SOMNOmedics GmbH | B06
Stallergenes Greer | A13
Swiss DNAlysis | A06
SyGan Medical GmbH | E19
Takeda Pharma AG | E12
Thorasys Thoaracic Medical Systems Inc. | A38
Tomtec Imaging Systems GmbH | D12
Vascular Medical GmbH | Piazza P07
Vertex Pharmaceuticals (CH) GmbH | B08
Vifor Pharma Switzerland | A37
Zoll CMS GmbH | A19