Interactive congress format

Interactive conference methods help to convey knowledge and insights in a varied and inclusive way.
The scientific committee aims to encourage collaboration and lively sessions and supports chairs and speakers in the implementation of interactive presentation methods.

Available tools

  • Polling
  • Quizes (with or without leaderboards)
  • Ratings
  • Votings

To consider

  1. Interactive tools may not be appropriate for all session or presentation types. Consequently, the use of such is excluded for any abstract-related sessions.
  2. In order to maintain the coherence of your session, the use of interactive tools should be coordinated with (other) chairs and speakers.
  3. Successful planning and implementation of your interactivity concept require time. Keep in mind additional resources that might be required, and start planning and coordination of your interactive session / presentation well in advance.

Get support

The Congress Secretariat is happy to assist all chairs and speakers with the coordination of their own interactivity concept.
If you wish to enrich your session / presentation by creating an interactive atmosphere, please get back to the Congress Secretariat ( by 24 May 2023 at the latest.